The Song Of The Sea

There are so many mysteries yet to be unraveled when it comes to the ocean. People are always so small and shallow when standing before the sea. But the wild always attracts me in a mysterious way.
Everytimes I close my eyes, I can see the gigantic ocean, the skyline where water and cloud see each other and hear the melody of constant waves embracing the white coast, the harmonious concert of the wind together with the birds.
So I always run to the sea.
To see the giant of the sea, the whales, to remember my Keiko, in my favorite childhood film, “Free Willy”, which told the stories of touching friendship between a young boy and a captive orca that’s forced to perform at a water park.
To swim with beautiful creatures deep down the ocean, watch them dance lively in the stage established by colorful range of coral.
To walk on the white coast, feel the mild sand under my feet, let the wind play with my hair and the sun tan my skin.
To hear the song of the sea and tell myself to never stop loving the ocean as it’s the most wonderful thing to happen in my life.

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